We aim to give small, Australian makers a platform to shine.

We started throw some seeds because we are passionate about supporting small, Australian suppliers, sourcing our products as ethically as possible and bringing them to you in a convenient and welcoming space. We take great pride in finding products that are not only beautiful and functional, but that also align with our environmental values.

Whether you are looking for seeds, gardening gifts or general gardening supplies, our garden range has been chosen to help you make a difference in your own backyard! We also sell a wide range of beautiful, carefully selected, handmade, eco friendly gifts, art and natural body products for you or someone special to enjoy.

Inspired by our love of nature, we began Throw Some Seeds, a little eco friendly store with a conscience.  

When my husband and I moved to the Dandenong Ranges in 2012, our lives completely changed. We suddenly found ourselves with a big block of land, surrounded by huge trees, and no green thumb between us!

Yet we were completely inspired by our new beautiful landscape, so we decided we had to give this old gardening thing a go...and we never looked back.

When you connect to your garden and growing food it is almost inevitable that your values shift to be more aligned with nature and living more sustainably. I have spoken to many people whose way of living completely changed after starting a veggie patch or getting a few backyard chickens. Slowing down, spending more time outside, thinking about where your food comes from - these things eventually bring about a new perspective.

So we started to make small changes here and there, and over time my dream of a little eco store began to blossom...

Free seeds with every order!

We hope our little store helps to brighten your day, and maybe even inspires you or someone you love to reconnect with their own backyard - and in turn, with nature - just like it did for us.

With every order you will find a free packet of seeds. Whether it's seeds of change, seeds of inspiration, or seeds for growing food, we hope you'll always have reason to throw some seeds.

Much love,

Nic x

Get in touch! Email us at throwsomeseeds@gmail.com

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