Our mission is to inspire small seeds of change and watch them grow! 

throw some seeds has stemmed from our love of nature. It all started when we made a "tree change" and moved from the bayside suburbs of Melbourne to the beautiful tree covered hills of the Dandenong Ranges.

We had never had much success growing anything in our sandy soil (it was often quite disastrous!) - so suddenly we were overwhelmed with a large property and no green thumb between us. Yet, inspired as we were by our new beautiful landscape, we slowly fumbled our way through the blackberries to clear some space for a veggie patch and herb garden, and low and behold it grew!

Growing our own food slowly led to a new way of thinking, and this in turn led to a new way of life - our values shifted to be more aligned with nature and trying to live more sustainably. We now keep bees and chooks and enjoy digging and growing in our own patch. It's a life we never imagined for ourselves, and wouldn't trade for anything.

We started throw some seeds because we are passionate about supporting small suppliers, sourcing products as ethically as we can and nurturing our incredible Australian artists and makers. We find unique products and do the research so you don't have to, so trust that we have done the hard work! We only source and ship within Australia - this is something we are firm on and we hope you agree makes us a little unique :) 

We take pride in finding beautiful, locally made products, crafted by people who care for our planet; our aim is to provide a platform for these makers and artists to showcase their exceptional work. Our passion is not only sourcing these hard to find products - it is also knowing that we support products that have been made with a respect for our environment and a more natural way of living.

So, whether it's practical tools to help you make a difference in your own backyard, or beautiful, eco friendly gifts for you and your loved ones to enjoy, we hope our little store helps to brighten your day, and maybe even inspires you or someone you love to reconnect with their own backyard - and in turn, with nature - just like it did for us.

We also like to practise what we preach - with every order you will find a free packet of seeds. So whether it's seeds of change, seeds of inspiration, or seeds for growing food, we hope you'll always have reason to 'throw some seeds'

Let's start this positive change together.

Much love,

Nic x

Get in touch! Email us at throwsomeseeds@gmail.com

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