Top 5 Reasons to Own Indoor Plants

Top 5 Reasons to Own Indoor Plants

Houseplants can make a lovely addition to your indoor living space. From cute succulents that require minimal care, to gorgeous tall zanzibars and beautifully bright poinsettias, the range of indoor plants is extensive. There are many reasons to own houseplants, and we’ve covered just a few of them below!

Add fragrance to your house, naturally

Lots of plants that grow well indoors also smell good, making them a double whammy of positives for the senses. Some houseplants have such a lovely aroma that they can make you forget all about diffusers and scented candles! Flowering plants like Arabian jasmin and citrus can add a refreshing atmosphere to a room when in bloom, while plants such as scented geraniums, sweet bay and basil have leaves that add a beautiful aroma to your indoor space.

Cook up a storm

Many family favourite herbs are able to be grown indoors. Some people choose to grow them along a windowsill in the kitchen, while others might place them in the centre of the dining table to create a green display. Having these plants easily accessible can mean they get added to more dishes, and not only do herbs taste delicious, they also have a range of proven health benefits. Some herbs that can work well as houseplants include chives, parsley and basil.

Plants can help clean the air

Research has shown that houseplants may even help to make our air cleaner. A study by NASA in 1989 found that certain houseplants can help filter the air of pollutants and toxins. Plants such as the Boston Fern were found to filter out formaldehyde and xylene, while superstars like the florist’s chrysanthemum and peace lily could remove formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene, benzene and ammonia.

Bring life and colour to a room

There’s no doubt that plants can help to bring life to a room - quite literally! Whether through the addition of a cascading fern or a brightly-coloured blooming begonia, houseplants do a great job of bringing a much-needed pop of colour into a room. You can even pick plants that will best suit the room you wish to spruce up. For example, if your bedroom has lots of yellows, oranges and warm tones, a succulent such as a cactus could be a good pick, while if your kitchen has a country cottage vibe, a delicate flower such as the African violet could look cute on the windowsill.

Increase humidity

Increasing humidity in an indoor environment can be helpful, particularly during the winter months or in parts of Australia where the climate is dryer. A lack of humidity can lead to cracked lips and dry skin, which is something that none of us want! Plants can help to increase humidity levels of a room, making it more comfortable for our bodies. Some plants that are particularly good at this include the rubber plant, areca palm and English ivy.


This list only just scratches the surface of the many reasons to own houseplants! If the idea of having easily-accessible herbs growing in the kitchen tickles your fancy, we offer a wide range of seeds and growing kits in our online store. If you already own a few houseplants and want give them a health boost, have a look at our incredible indoor plant food by Munash Organics.

 Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul. ~ Linda Solegato


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