Welcome to our new online store! Product Feature - Grafa Gardening Tools

Welcome to our new online store! Product Feature - Grafa Gardening Tools


Welcome to our first of many blogs. We are incredibly excited to finally launch Throw Some Seeds and share our passion with you all! As you may have gathered already, our business is very much inspired by nature. We love the simple things in life and the natural beauty that can be found almost anywhere you look. We love keeping chooks and bees, and digging and growing in our own patch – making the change to live amongst the beauty of the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne was life changing for us, in the best possible way.

Ultimately, our hope is to brighten someone’s day with our products, and perhaps even inspire a connection with nature at the same time. We don’t want there to be a disconnect between our store and our customers, we are real human beings who really care, and we want you to feel at home shopping with us. The idea behind our name isn’t just about growing produce or gardening – to us “Throw Some Seeds” can mean so many things – from sharing your ideas within your community, or excess food with your neighbour, planting a happy thought in someone's day... it goes on and on!

Also, a big part of what we do is sourcing products LOCALLY. When we say local, we mean it. The vast majority of our suppliers are based in Melbourne, and where we couldn’t find the best of the best here, we looked elsewhere within Australia – as close to home as possible! We also look for products that are made using recycled materials. This isn’t practical for all our products –but if we have a choice –we’ll choose the goods that have been created in a more sustainable way. We also love to re-use packaging from our suppliers, and enjoy sourcing environmentally friendly alternatives to the norm of packaging options.

I don’t know about you, but we often find when we are out and about shopping, just how difficult it is to purchase quality Australian made products such as gardening tools (even at nurseries – you may struggle to find an Australian made option whatsoever). Yet we have these amazing craftspeople – they exist! Not only do they exist, they often make products that are designed to LAST, not perish within months of purchasing them. As convenient as it is to buy products from a big store or cheaply – it’s not always best in the long run - we have been there. Plus, by buying from a small Australian business, not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, you may also be helping a family put food on the table and pay their bills, and that’s pretty cool too.

So to cut a long story short, we decided to support suppliers who truly care, and who design products we can 100% put our brand behind. Sometimes, despite hours and hours of research, we still struggle to come up with a product that is eco-friendly and made here in Australia, most of the time we don’t buy it – but it is a decision we weigh up on a case by case basis.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us on our journey, we are starting small but dreaming big. Remember we give a free packet of heirloom seeds with every order – so we hope you always have reason to #throwsomeseeds xx



Grafa means “to dig”. These artisan garden tools have been designed to connect hand and earth for the considered gardener. 

Travis made his first copper gardening tool in 2011. Drawing inspiration from the Austrian naturalist movement, he was excited by the idea that using copper could benefit soils in agriculture. Grafa's artisan garden tools evolved from that first prototype to the exquisite range we see today.

Also passionate about reducing their waste, Grafa uses a mix of reclaimed and new bronze, copper and timber materials. They are 100% made in Melbourne, with durability at the forefront of their craft - each tool should last for years with the correct care and use. You will also see that each one is unique - some are more suitable for difficult soils while others are better used in established plots or patio and balcony gardens.

You'll find these gorgeous tools here – and if you choose to buy one, you’ll automatically qualify for free shipping.

Happy, happy days!


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